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In the first half, the glass demand side or still have strong support

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[China glass net] at present, the country's major regions of float glass spot prices still remain strong trend, mainly demand side boost role is still relatively strong. Commercial housing sales trend is usually ahead of glass demand, namely after the real estate sales a year to a year and a half will produce glass demand, while the growth rate of real estate sales highs in April in 16 years, 17 years in the first half of the glass demand side or there is still strong support.

The recent decline of the main raw material prices head heavy soda earlier stage of stabilization, one is currently the whole industry has been in profit margins, some soda companies began early losses, soda factory by slashing prices to increase shipments are difficult to reproduce; on the other hand in the production of glass daily melting capacity is still growing, the downstream demand heavy soda ash the end always had strong support. Before March when part of the soda manufacturers because of their high inventory, reducing production maintenance operation has been made, superposition of the demand side continue to consume a large amount of heavy soda supply market has been gradually accumulated pre consumption, you can see the April domestic soda ash plant operating rate compared with March was significantly higher than the same period last year on the line and. The possibility of short-term heavy soda prices fell sharply again small, short-term profit margins or glass manufacturers will also be stabilized. At present, environmental glass manufacturers face the spot price is still relatively good, in the current level of profit driven, there are short-term or cold repair capacity or new production line.

Inventory, the current level of inventory is significantly lower than the same period in 15 years, basically unchanged from the same period in 16 years, the stock pressure has not yet highlighted. In the demand side is still boosted, the stock pressure is not large, in the short term, glass manufacturers will have a strong willingness to price, the price is expected to remain strong. It is worth noting that in the second half of the year, the demand side glass or will gradually weaken, and the operating rate of the lag will make the glass production is difficult to shrink in 3-6 months, thus accelerating the weakening of supply and demand pattern, then the price or will face significant pullback pressure.

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